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CCORT is funded by a Canadian Institutes of Health Research Team Grant in Cardiovascular Outcomes Research

CANHEART is funded by a CIHR Team Grant in Chronic Disease Risk & Intervention Strategies



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rdiovascular HEalth in Ambulatory Care Research Team




For information regarding CANHEART, please visit our new website at www.canheart.ca.

CCORT reaches 10 Year milestone—2001-2011

CCORT’s research addresses the leading cause of death world-wide—heart disease—in order to improve patient outcomes. Launched in 2001, led by PI Dr. Jack Tu, CCORT consists of over 30 leading cardiovascular outcomes researchers from 6 provinces (BC, AB, ON, QC, NB, NS) across Canada. CCORT’s research, made possible by two team grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research*, (and supplemental funding from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada) has improved care quality, service delivery and changed the landscape of cardiovascular health services outcomes research. Its innovative methodologies and findings are documented in over 170 peer-reviewed publications, including the first ever Canadian Cardiovascular Atlas. In addition, CCORT trained over 60 ‘next generation’ outcomes researchers from across Canada as part of the CCORT Student Training program.

*2001-2006 CIHR IHRT grant; 2006-2011 CIHR Team grant in cardiovascular outcomes research

CCORT’s 10 year journey is described in the attached article entitled 'Canadian Cardiovascular Outcomes Research Team: Lessons Learned'. Tu JV. Canadian Journal of General Internal Medicine 2011; 6(1):18-19