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CCORT is funded by a Canadian Institutes of Health Research Team Grant in Cardiovascular Outcomes Research

CANHEART is funded by a CIHR Team Grant in Chronic Disease Risk & Intervention Strategies



 Prediction of Heart Failure Mortality in Emergent Care:
A Cohort Study, published in Annals of Internal Medicine

 For information regarding the EHMRG HF risk calculator, please see the new website at:

Investigators from the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences have developed the Emergency Heart Failure Mortality Risk Grade, a risk score consisting of a set of clinical questions and routinely available tests that can be calculated in any emergency department to predict the chances of a patient dying within seven days after presentation to the emergency department.  The clinical risk model can predict, with high accuracy, mortality among heart failure patients who present to the emergency department and may guide admission versus discharge decision-making.

Lee DS, Stitt A, Austin PC, Stukel TA, Schull MJ, Chong A, Newton GE, Lee JS, Tu JVPrediction of Heart Failure Mortality in Emergent Care: A Cohort Study.  Annals of Internal Medicine 2012; 156(11): 767-775.