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CCORT is funded by a Canadian Institutes of Health Research Team Grant in Cardiovascular Outcomes Research

CANHEART is funded by a CIHR Team Grant in Chronic Disease Risk & Intervention Strategies

Peer Reviewed Journal Publications

2005 Publications:
77- Alter DA, Austin PC, Tu JV. Community factors, hospital characteristics and inter-regional outcome variations following acute myocardial infarction in Canada. Can J Cardiol 2005; 21(3):247-255. Abstract
76- Alter DA, Newman AM, Cohen EA, Sykora K, Tu JV. The evaluation of a formalized queue management system for coronary angiography waiting lists. Can J Cardiol 2005; 21(13):1203-1209. Abstract
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61- Lee DS, Donovan L, Austin PC, Gong Y, Liu PP, Rouleau JL et al. Comparison of coding of heart failure and comorbidities in administrative and clinical data for use in outcomes research. Med Care 2005; 43(2):182-188. Abstract
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58- Zhou Z, Rahme E, Abrahamowicz M, Tu JV, Eisenberg MJ, Humphries K et al. Effectiveness of statins for secondary prevention in elderly patients after acute myocardial infarction: an evaluation of class effect. CMAJ 2005; 172(9):1187-1194. Abstract